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We love to tell you our animal stories!
I began to keep a diary at the age of eleven.
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We love to tell you our animal stories!

Luke and Enilde

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Our Dog Sasha

Sasha was a gift from Luke for my birthday in 2007. We decided to adopt a pet from the shelter. She was three years old when we adopted her. It was the last chance she had to find a family on that day. She was shy and thin and coughed a little the first night we took her home. We discovered she had pneumonia. "She'll be a whole new dog..." the vet told us after we got the antibiotics.  And two weeks to the day, she went from being shy and quiet to loud, overprotective, rambunctious and almost unmanageble with other dogs, although she loves children and plays well. A year to date...and we have a new leash on life.  She sits well, catches the ball, chases squirrels and is an excellent watch dog...but don't leave dinner on the table, unattended! 

Sasha works on a bone while she gaurds the house.

Sasha's first weekend in Big Bear

The winding roads that meander along the mountain on the way to Big Bear Lake would make Sasha carsick at first, but she got over it with a little dramamine and a good squirrel chase when she arrived at the cabin.


The Squirrel Chase is on...
The Squirrel teases Sasha from the fence post every morning.

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