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I began to keep a diary at the age of eleven.
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          ONCE UPON A TIME in South America, a family of gypsies was dancing and singing with the rythm of their guitars, drums, ankle bracelets, bells and tambourines. These gypsies, all of them talented musicians, came from a long line of mysterious wanderers that had originated in Italy and came to occupy the banks of the estuary Rio de la Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina around the year 1930 or so.
         One particular gypsy by the name of Teresita inherited magical powers to heal and protect people spiritually. But as she got older, her eyesight went bad and she could no longer read from the sacred book of enchantments passed down to her from great great grandfather.  To help her with the casting of the spells, she recruited her husband Raul (the one with the good eye) to read the book and she would repeat the spells into her gypsy language.
        On one particular day when the sun was setting on the horizon, its rays skimmed over the waters and shimmered like a fire doing a dance of its own against the figures of the gypsies dancing on the beach in the sand.  In a house on the margins of town were Theresita and Raul sitting in the kitchen of their home sipping mate, the traditional herbal tea of the country.  They were discussing how to cast a protective spell over a little boy named Miguelito, who was one of the sons belonging to Lila and Fernando.  On that day, something went wrong with the reading of the spell. A fly on the wall in Theresita's kitchen witnessed the whole mess.

SO BEGINS A TALE OF magical realism set in a country where I was born, a country that is known for its romantic tales and spiritual folklore. Argentina brings to mind all kinds of vivid stories from my past. Welcome to my writing website and may you find the hope and dreams you came looking for.

I invite you to read for yourself the book called "The Kingdom of Nuts and Bolts" as I launch my first novel into the limelight and becon my readers to enjoy a comedic adventure tale set in South America.

         I have been invited to release my novel at the LA Times Festival of Books on April 26 and 27th  2008, location on the UCLA Main Campus, courtesy of the Greater Los Angeles Writers Society (GLAWS). We will be in booth 715 in the grassy area by Dodd Hall (the the School of Law),  just east of the main food courts.  This is an important event and the largest of its kind in Southern California.  I will be signing copies of my novel, The Kingdom of Nuts and Bolts. 
Visit the event online: The Los Angeles Times Book Festival main page:

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Enilde Van Hook
Author of The Kingdom of Nuts and Bolts

   Enilde Ingels-Van Hook is a 1989 graduate of U.S.C. (Los Angeles) with a BA in Communications from the Annenberg School for Communications (Radio) and is a 2005 graduate with a Masters in Fine Arts degree from Otis College of Art and Design in Writing & Photography.  Mrs. Ingels-Van Hook was born in Rosario, Argentina as Enilde Patricia Ingels and grew up in Los Angeles, California. Enilde picked up the nickname 'Ginger' while she was competing with the Ballroom Dance Team at the University of Southern California in 1979.  Enilde was working at a radio station and had aspirations to be a poet when she met Luke Van Hook who had aspirations to become a fine arts painter. They met in Gardnerville, Nevada in 1993. They were married in Markleeville, California in 1998. Mrs. Enilde 'Ginger' P. Ingels-Van Hook currently lives with her husband, Luke Van Hook in Los Angeles, California where Luke also recently graduated from Otis College of Art and Design as a Fine Arts Painter. Currently both Ginger and Luke Van Hook are working artists showing in Los Angeles, California. Mrs. Ingels-Van Hook writes fiction under the name of Enilde Van Hook and works as a photographer/journalist as Ginger Van Hook with Van Hook Fine Arts. Enilde Van Hook may be contacted at enilde@sprintmail.com

The Kingdom of Nuts and Bolts
Handmade Artist Picture Book by Enilde Ingels-Van Hook

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The Virgin Mary of Lujan makes appearances throughout the story of The Kingdom of Nuts and Bolts

The Virgin Mary of Lujan
...Miracles... the Virgin Mary has a sense of humor...

A family of gypsies, dancing, opens this tale.
The Argentine Gaucho finds love in this story.

The kingdom of Nuts and Bolts begins with a spell.
Screws, nuts, bolts...were all strewn about the sand...

"How do you like that?"
"She left me in the sand!"

So I stood there in the sun, baking...sizzling mad

"Hey you, turtleface, can you give me a lift?"
"Hop on," She said...so I hopped on this enormous tortoise and floated on her back in the water...

...along the river reeds...
"Drat. I hate water!"

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